Parish Flooring Improvement Project

When? Late July through the first week of September 

What is it? We will have asbestos floor tiles removed and replaced with new flooring. 

Where? The first and second floor. There will be a combination of vinyl flooring and carpet. 

Why? Asbestos is a health hazard.

Yes, I know, but why now?

The initial project was to replace the carpet in the first floor hallway. Since removal of the carpet could break

the floor tiles underneath it, the tiles were tested for and found to contain asbestos. These tiles were used

throughout the school building.

After consultation with John Reardon, Director of Buildings and Property for our Diocese, Finance Council

recommended we remove the asbestos now rather than later. None of us wanted people in the future

regretting that we didn’t take care of this when we could.

How will we pay for it?

The total cost will be about $80,000. Our parish has applied for a 50% matching grant from our Diocese.

(Some may remember the Diocese gave us a matching grant of $15,000 to replace two HVAC units last year.)

Also, we have funds that were set aside in prior years for capital projects like this.

Who was involved in the decision-making process?

Parish Staff, Finance Council, Pastoral Council, and several parishioners who had helpful experience and

wisdom to share.

What kind of inconveniences will there be?

An awful lot! That’s why we’re doing this in the summer when things slow down activity-wise.

Our meeting rooms and office cannot be used during this project. Neither can our gym and parish hall as they

will be storage areas for all of the stuff moved from the office and meeting rooms.

The south entrance will be closed for most of the project. We will ask the more able-bodied to park in the

south parking lot and walk around to our north entrance for Mass.

We will have a temporary office set up in the community room, near the parish hall.

How can we help?

Be patient and kind with each other. Everyone will be inconvenienced by this.

Prayers for the safety of the workers and the sanity of our staff are welcome, and oatmeal raisin cookies.